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Figueres has a population of  almost 40.000 inhabitants, it is place to visit for travellers


and tourists entering and leaving Spain.  It is the capital of Alt


Empordà county and acts as the economic-commercial, social and cultural


centre of the county.


The three main museums contain parts of the city’s artistic and cultural heritage and are places that must be visited in order to be able to understand the city and its past.



Designed by the artist himself, the Dalí Theatre-Museum houses a large collection of this


artist’s work and allows his artistic career to be followed.


TheToy Museum of Catalonia has a major collection of toys from all periods, taking visitors


back to their childhood days. Finally, the Museum of the Empordà, the city’s oldest, allows visitors to follow the county’s history and art.





The city’s thousand shops make up a commercial range which attracts shoppers from Alt Empordà county, the other Girona counties and the south of France. This is high-quality commerce based on convenience and family service, though not excluding more modern and innovative forms of organisation such as franchises. In Figueres you can shop as you stroll and stroll as you shop.



The weekly open-air markets are the oldest ways of exchanging products and, in the case of fruit and vegetables, permit direct contact between producer and buyer. This type of commerce has lost none of its relevance or charm, and plays a recognised role in social relations. The Figueres clothes market is one of the largest in the Girona counties and attracts many shoppers from the other side of the Pyrenees. The main market is held on Thursday mornings.












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